Pay with your after ski pass !


AvoriazPay is the new contactless payment system offered by the Avoriaz 1800 station. From now on, your after ski pass becomes your means of payment throughout the resort!

My AvoriazPay account

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Why use AvoriazPay?

  • You can keep your gloves on, your ski pass is also used to pay!
  • Enjoy exclusive benefits: 10€ offered by PayPal*, exceptional prizes to win throughout the season, discounts for some merchants and for some activities.
  • Manage and control the spending of the entire family, you can easily deposit money on your children's ski pass and track their purchases.
  • Follow your purchases directly from your online account (accessible from your mobile).

* 10€ credited on your AvoriazPay account, for the first top-up of your AvoriazPay account via PayPal. Offer limited to the first 2,000 users, once for each PayPal account holder.

AvoriazPay, how does it work?

J'achète ma carte et je recharge

1 I Pick-up your after ski pass

AvoriazPay after ski pass are available at the tourist office, at the ski lifts office, or at partner shops. You will need the 6-letter code on it to create your account.

Rechercger le compte avec PayPal

2 I Top-up your account

Go to to top-up your AvoriazPay account with PayPal or by Credit Card.

3 I Get reimbursed

If you have any money left at the end of your stay, log in to your AvoriazPay account and request a refund of your balance.

Exclusive benefits

10€ offered by PayPal*

* 10€ credited on your AvoriazPay account, for the first top-up of your AvoriazPay account via PayPal. Offer limited to the first 2,000 users, once for each PayPal account holder.

And every week, try to win

  • 50€ offered by PayPal
  • 1 daily ski pass for Avoriaz
  • 1 week pass for Aquariaz
  • 2 cinema tickets
  • 1 Polaroid camera

Business partners

You can use AvoriazPay at all our eligible retailers listed below:


  • Au Briska
  • Les Alpages
  • La Boule de Neige
  • L'étage
  • Le Fantastic
  • La Tanière
  • Mountain Piz'Burg I Sandwiches


  • Jaja Bar
  • La Cachette
  • Le Chapka
  • Le Fantastic
  • Le Shooters


  • La Cabane
  • Le Douchka


  • Bakery Maison Tavernier
  • Carrefour
  • Sherpa Falaise
  • Sherpa Snow

Night club

  • Le Yak


  • Aquariaz


All you need to know about the AvoriazPay solution!

How do I retrieve my AvoriazPay after ski pass?

An AvoriazPay after ski pass will be offered to you when you pick-up your long-term ski pass (3 days or more), otherwise you can get an AvoriazPay after ski pass at the tourist office of the station, at the ski lifts office or at the partner shops.

Can I use AvoriazPay on the whole station?

The AvoriazPay payment system is available at all the partner shops of the station as well as in all the station's entertainment locations (Aquariaz, etc.).

How to top-up my account?

You can top-up your account as many times as you want with your smartphone on the secured website :

(Minimum top-up : 10 € / Maximum balance: 250 €)

What happens if my after ski pass is lost?

Send an email to to report the loss of your AvoriazPay after ski pass. Your account may be blocked remotely and you can get a new after ski pass.

What happens with my money at the end of my stay?

It’s possible to get your money back from your account after your stay. Just sign in to your AvoriazPay account and verify that your balance appears. You can request a refund. You have until 1st May 2017 to request a refund.
Once your refund is requested, in about ten days your money will be re-credited into the original top-up source.
(Redemption fee : 2€ / Minimum balance for refund : 2,50€)

Is it possible to use my AvoriazPay account in another station?

No, it’s impossible to use AvoriazPay outside the station. AvoriazPay is an exclusive device of Avoriaz 1800.

Does AvoriazPay cost anything?

No, the use of your AvoriazPay after ski pass is completely free!
You will simply pay 2€ management fee if you want to be refunded at the end of your stay.

How do I check my balance?

You will be able to check your balance and the transaction history, by logging into your AvoriazPay account, and at any time! You can also ask one of the partner shops to tell you your balance by presenting your AvoriazPay after ski pass.

How to take care of my AvoriazPay after ski pass?

Your AvoriazPay after ski pass is equipped with an electronic microchip where encrypted information allowing the payment is stored. Take good care of you after ski pass to avoid any inconvenience! Avoid exposure to heat or flame and don’t attempt to cut your after ski pass : this will immediately destroy the microchip.

In the case of a problem, send an email to